Is Simba Steffi 14” a right choice of a backpack?

 Summer vacations are fun for children and mommies too. Since there is no school, mommies and children get to spend more time to interact with each other, which involves indulging in various productive activities, playing, travelling, shopping and much more.

Now, when it comes to shopping children now a day’s want things of their choice may it be a small pencil box. The school was about to re-open and it was time to shop for the school utilities. I started browsing for schoolbags for my daughter’s new session of her pre-primary schooling. It was easy to shortlist few school bags, as always the colour of the school bag is predecided which is pink.

I started browsing for schoolbags for my daughter’s new session of her pre-primary schooling. It was easy to shortlist few school bags, as always the colour of the school bag is predecided which is pink.

This time I came across a brand which was SIMBA, I wanted to give a try on this brand. This makes me review Simba 14” school bag.


                     Simba 14” Steffi Schoolbag Review:

As I said, I already said I had shortlisted few bags. She loves pink in all cases, but this time she chose a backpack which was a combination of black and pink. She has a great choice I must say. Even I wanted the one for her which she chose. We ordered our Simba bag very next moment.

I chose a standard size which was 14 inches. This size is advisable for the children between the ages 3-5. And the bag arrived a day before the expected delivery date. I ordered Simba Steffi 14” school bag from Jabong.

Let’s find out whether this Simba 14” Steffi school bag convinced my daughter or not?

First impression:

What a co-incidence! H opened the door, when the delivery boy came in to deliver the bag. She was super exited to see her new school bag. I opened it for her. She was stupendously amazed having a glance at her Simba Steffi bag. ‘Wow. Mamma’ was her first words.

Talking about my first impression I was super happy looking at the Simba 14” Steffi school bag. It was all that the little girls would love to flaunt. The bag is lovely, bright and beautiful.

Packing and Appearance:

The bag was packed in opaque sealed polythene.

Black is the base of the bag with pink boundary. The topmost portion of the bag is pink with stars printed on it.

The zip-holders of all the compartments are also star shaped. There are three compartments in all along with side pockets on each side of the bag.

The compartment which is bigger of all has a capacity of occupying some 4-5 Books; the second compartment is bit smaller having a capacity of occupying some 2-3 books. The last compartment is smaller of all, which is meant for Tiffin-box or pencil-box.

There is the side pocket on each side for keeping the water bottle as well. The smallest compartment has the print of Steffi with the glitter on it along with the words Steffi-love written. The words SUPER STAR are written right above the Steffi doll.

The capacity in terms of liters is 15. The dimensions of the bag are 30 cms *12.5 cms * 40 cms. (L *W * H)

The MRP of the bag is INR 1249, while I bought it at 14% discount on Jabong for some INR 1062.

Company claims:

The company claims that Simba Steffi 14” school bag is water-proof.

How to use?

First and the most important thing is the schoolbag of a child should never be overloaded.

Keep the books and a Tiffin- box in separate compartments always.

Keep the books of a child in proper order and make sure that all the zippers are properly closed and locked.

Make a child wear a school-bag and adjust the straps in accordance with the height of the child so as to ensure maximum comfort in carrying a school-bag.


  • Comfortable back panel
  • Attractive colour and design
  • Water-proof
  • Easy to wash
  • Superior quality
  • Spacious compartments
  • Durable
  • Travel-friendly


  • Expensive

My experience with Simba Steffi 14” school bag:

 My experience with Steffi Simba school bag has been satisfactory so far. The material seems of a superior quality, there are negligible chances of bag getting torn/ ripped/ broken. The back panel is also quite comfortable.

The colour combination and design of a bag is amazing. The shoulders of a bag are padded which avoids slipping it from the shoulder.

Last but not the least I have seen my daughter opening and closing her school bag with ease which means zippers are easy to slide and doesn’t get stuck at any point of time. She loves carrying her Steffi bag even while travelling.

Will I recommend Simba Steffi 14” school?

I will definitely recommend this Simba Steffi school bag for your little princess. If your daughter loves dolls and has an immense soft corner for pink just like mine, then this one is a right choice.

You also have many other variants in this brand like Spiderman character for boys. Also various other characters for girls as well for example Dora.

The bag is simply stylish, just the way the little girls demand these days.

Talking about the bag being a water-proof, it certainly is! It was raining a few days back, the bag got wet while my daughter was returning from school. The books were intact and try which is a amazing.

MR’s recommendation:

It would be great if the brand works a bit on its price. I found the bag little expensive.

My rating: 5/5

Simba - Culuture Connection 14"-XL
List Price: INR 1,399.00
Price: INR 630.00
You Save: INR 769.00
Price Disclaimer

Have you been across Simba school bags mamas?

You can definitely go for one if you are in dilemma in opting for this brand. Simba offers a great range of handbags.

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