Will Shumee Activity Triangle Make Learning Fun?

R is two and a half now. He shows a lot of interest whenever I sit with my 5 year old helping her with school homework. He asks where his books are, so that he can join us.

Then I bought a few books for him including picture books, books with alphabets and numbers for him. I was really happy to start a new session with R.

He was quite mesmerized looking at his new books. Later, I noticed that he was tearing pages and throwing it away. I tried explaining books are to be taken care of and that the teacher wouldn’t be happy, if he did so, in his play school.

I tried to reason with him, but all in vain. You just cannot win despite having powers. Am I right?

That’s when I got an idea.

I found another way of interacting with him and teaching him without books! This time with an activity triangle.

So today I am going to review the Shumee five sided activity triangle.

Shumee activity triangle

Shumee Activity Triangle: Review

Shumee offers a wide range of eco-friendly wooden toys made of natural wood and safe, non-toxic water based colours, which are designed to engage your kids and enhance learning.

I came across this Shumee activity triangle which was a five-sided multi-activity toy for toddlers. I immediately ordered Shumee  activity triangle for my toddler. And it was received earlier than expected. Frankly, I had lot of expectations with Shumee activity triangle. Come, let’s find out.. How did it do?

First impression:

This time I actually wanted to see my little one’s first impression looking at his Shumee activity triangle. I unboxed it for him. But I didn’t react much. I looked at him and waited for his first word. He didn’t utter a word. He took it, sat in the corner and started gazing at it. I could see a look of curiosity on his face.

So, my first impression was “Amazing!” I was sure we would have a good time learning things now. I was actually really happy looking at the 5 different activities in one toy.

Packaging and Appearance:

I received Shumee activity triangle packed in a brown cardboard box. It is a five sided triangular shaped wooden toy, wherein on each side you have different activities for the child.

You have an abacus on one side.

Shumee activity triangle

On the other side you have the alphabets.

Shumee activity triangle

When you flip a letter you have a picture on the other side describing that letter.

Shumee activity triangle

So for example, when you flip A, you have Apple on other side.  

The third side consists of a clock with wooden minute hand and hour hand which works on manual mechanism. You can move the hands of clock with your hand to teach your child how the clock works.

Shumee activity triangle

The fourth side comprises of shapes which are movable. The child is able to glide the shape to the given portion.

Shumee activity triangle

The fifth side has coloured gear wheels. Some eight or nine wheels are arranged in a way that when you rotate on wheel the rest move on their own.

Shumee activity triangle

You also have a rod on all three sides of triangle for holding the toy. The entire activity triangle is bright and colorful.

The Shumee activity triangle is advisable for children who are 2+.


The price of Shumee activity toy is INR 2050. But I bought it for around INR 1640/- on Firstcry.

Company claims:

The company claims that Shumee activity triangle is a classic wooden toy made with eco-friendly materials with non-toxic, water based dyes to entertain the toddler safely.

The company says that your kid can learn the following with this educational toy.

  • Number skills
  • Imagination and creativity
  • First words
  • Fine motor skills
  • Curiosity 
  • Hand to eye co-ordination

How to use:

As I already said, there are five activities involved in Shumee activity toy, you can turn the triangle to the activity you wish to carry on. As it is a wooden toy and five sided, it is quite heavy to hold. My baby ended up hurting his leg as it slipped off from his hands.

You can comfortably enjoy the Shumee Activity triangle sitting on the floor or on the bed.

Note: Avoid keeping it on heights, as it might hurt your child if it falls on him/her.


  • Attractive  and colourful
  • Helps identification of Alphabets
  • Counting skills
  • Recognition of shapes
  • Identification of pictures
  • Helps to keep the child occupied for long


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

My experience with Shumee Activity Triangle:

My experience with Shumee activity triangle is amazing. I found Shumee activity triangle very interactive. Also the toy has a capability of keeping your child engaged for hours and the activity definitely involves learning. My son loves working on Abacus and Pictures the most. He learned counting 1-10 very quickly after having Shumee activity triangle. We have had the Shumee activity triangle for more than 3 months now, but my LO isn’t bored of this toy!

We often have fun gliding shapes and rotating gear wheels doing it turn by turn, he enjoys doing it with me saying it will his turn first for the above two  activities and then mine. As a mother I feel on the top of the world looking at my kid learning things with lot of interest. I think all that he learns from Shumee activity triangle will definitely help him in his play school.   

Will I recommend Shumee Activity triangle:

I would undoubtedly recommend Shumee Activity triangle for toddlers. It has proved to be a boon in my case. He already knew the numbers. But working on abacus gave him clear concept clarity. The abacus will be fun for kids.

In short, this would be definitely a smart buy.

Where to buy?

You can directly buy it from Shumee toys. Also it is easily available on Firstcry or Amazon.

MR’s recommendation to the brand:

Toddlers are too small to learn time. You can replace some other productive activity other than clock. It could be animals, birds or fruits. Or set some sought of a puzzle would be a better idea.

My rating:

I would rate it 4 out of 5.

Have you heard about Shumee toys or the Shumee activity triangle? Do you have any educational toys that you love to review or want other moms to know about?

Share with us in the comments.

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