Request a Review

We want to buy the best of things for ourselves. The best could mean the best there is, or the best in a particular budget.

But how do you know which product is the best for you?

Usually we choose products for ourselves and our family based on our previous experience. Now if you are going to buy a product for the first time ever, you can check the reviews of that product. This is so useful nowadays as we buy most of the things online.

And that is where we Mamma Reviews come in.

So mammas, is there something that you want us to review?

It could be product  that you have set your sights on, but don’t know whether you should buy it.

If you need an honest opinion, we’ll help you out.

All you need to do is write to us with the product and the brand that you need us to review and we will do it for you!

Now if you are a seasoned shopper, then you could probably help other moms!

You can do so by telling them about products you would absolutely buy again or write about products that were a complete waste of money/ didn’t work for you. You can send us the details and we will put it up on the blog for the world to see.

You can send us your requests/ suggestions/ reviews at