Is Nilkamal Dolphin Rocker Kids Chair Safe and Comfortable for Kids?

I was really excited as it was my H’s first birthday! We celebrated her birthday with a lot of zeal. Though she couldn’t understand much about what was going on, she was happy to see other kids, who had come to her birthday party.

She loved the gifts she received and wouldn’t let other kids touch her gifts! This is despite being too small to know this.

Hahahaha… This incident is still fresh in my mind even after 4 years.

Coming back to gifts, she received lots of presents that day. But one gift which she still has and is intact, is her Nilkamal dolphin rocker kids chair.

And that’s what brings me to this review-


Nilkamal Dolphin Rocker Kids Chair: Review

When H received her Nilkamal rocking chair, she was one. She had just learned to walk. I thought, it was not of much use for such a small baby.

I kept it aside and didn’t use for months. But when I noticed H walking independently and was able to balance herself well, I introduced her to Nilkamal Dolphin Rocker Kids Chair.

First impression:

I personally love rocking chairs. I was really happy to see Nilkamal dolphin rocker kids chair as it was made by a reputed brand.

The only question was if my daughter would like it?  She didn’t like it much in the beginning when was around 20 months old.

Actually, she was scared when the chair moved back and forth. Later, when she realized that she wouldn’t fall, she started liking it.

Packaging and appearance:

The chair was packed in a cardboard box. The parts of the chair were unassembled. It is quite easy to assemble the parts of Nilkamal rocking chair. Also, the box consists of the assembly instructions.

It is advisable for the children between the age group of 1-5years.

The weight of the chair is 2.1 kilograms and can carry a maximum weight of 15 kgs.

It is quite easy for a toddler to carry, glide, drag or move the chair.

The dimensions of the Nilkamal rocking chair are: 24 inches*18 inches*18 inches. (L*W*H*) and the primary material of the Nilkamal dolphin rocker kids chair is plastic.

My LO’s chair is blue and red, which is already printed on the box.


The seat of the chair is red while the armrest is blue.


The back of the chair has an octopus while the armrest has a shape of dolphin. You are able to hold the fins of the dolphin.


There is a safety bar for kids to prevent them from falling.

You also have an option of buying other variants.

The chair has a warranty period of 6 months on manufacturing defects.

The MRP of Nilkamal dolphin rocker kids chair is INR 835/-. But it is easily available for discounted rates. I saw it for INR 600/- on Pepperfry.

Company claims:

The company claims that the chair is aesthetically designed for kids to provide them maximum comfort and joyful seating.

How to use?

The child can simply sit on the chair. Once the child is used to chair he/she will automatically learn the mechanism of back and forth momentum. The children can use the Nilkamal rocking chair while watching T.V or reading books or just for relaxing.


  • Comfortable seating
  • Attractive design
  • Safety bar
  • Superior quality plastic
  • Firm while sitting
  • Unbreakable
  • Easy to set up


  • Price is a bit expensive
  • Not travel friendly
  • Small kids have to use with adult supervision

My experience with Nilkamal dolphin rocker kids chair:

My experience with Nilkamal rocking chair is amazing. I also find it quite useful. My daughter is using it since she was 20 months old and is still using it at an age of 4.5 years.

nilkamal dolphin rocker kids chair

In fact my younger often ends up fighting with the elder one for this Nilkamal rocking chair.

I have kept the chair in one corner of my drawing room, whenever my kids enter home from outside, the first thing they do is drag the chair and relax.

Usually my kids never sit still. They keep talking, singing, shouting, questioning throughout the day. But, I must say they are so quiet and peaceful on their Nilkamal rocking chair. My daughter often uses it after returning from play or after completing her school homework and she loves being on her chair while watching television. She also loves using it while reading.

Will I recommend Nilkamal dolphin rocker kids chair?

I would definitely recommend a Nilkamal rocking chair. According to me the whole movement teaches the children coordination between hands, arms, legs and feet. Also the most important benefit is the rocking chair calms the children, also they can relax well.

When I talk about safety, my daughter has never fallen from the chair. But when I talk about my son, he is very naughty. He stands on the rocking chair and tries to perform his stunts. As a result, he ends up falling every time he does this!

Where to buy?

You can buy Nilkamal dolphin rocker kids chair on various online websites such as Pepperfry, or Amazon.

MR’s recommendation:

I loved the material of the Nilkamal dolphin rocker kids chair. Such good quality products is hard to find. It would be great if company starts producing carrycots or other plastic toys for children.

My Rating:

I would give it a 4 out of 5.

Hey mommas, are you looking for the rocking chair? Nilkamal dolphin rocking chair has been a great for me!

Are you already using it? Or is there any other brand that you have been using? What are your views?

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