Why Dettol Air Protect Air Mask is a Must Buy for you and your Family?

Today I bring to you the review of Dettol Air Protect Air Mask.

dettol air protect air mask

Have you ever thought of air pollution? Yes apart from what we had studied in our school curriculum about air pollution and its causes, air quality is something which need the utmost attention these days.

According to a recent study, the deadly pollutants in metros like Mumbai have soared in the past 10 years.

So how do you take care of air pollution while you step out of your home?

Masks are a great way to ensure that you breathe in clean and filtered air preventing air borne allergies and diseases to a great extent.

How does the Dettol Air Protect Air Mask ensure good quality air intake? Read to know.

First impression

dettol air protect air mask

Dettol has always been a household brand name right from my childhood days. So an air protect mask from the brand gave a lot of expectations.

The moment I got the pouch in hand, I had made my plans to use it as my anti-pollution mask whenever I step outside.

I was all set to know how these air protect masks by Dettol could help me.

Packing and appearance

dettol air protect air mask

Dettol Air Protect Air Mask comes in a plastic pouch. Inside the pouch, there is a mask carry bag, a black mask 246 mm *145 mm and 2 filters of size 140 mm *94 mm.

Price:  Rs. 559

Company claims

Offers 4 in 1 protection

  • Bacterial filtration
  • PM 2.5 prevention
  • Dust prevention
  • Block pollen

How to use?

dettol air protect air mask

Insert filter into the unfolded mask’s interlayer. Adjust the green ropes around the ears to have the best fit.


  • Effective in filtering out the pollen and dust
  • Additional filter provided is really handy if you want to replace the existing one
  • Comfortable to wear as the material is soft
  • Economical
  • Great for keeping allergies at bay


  • Nothing I can think of. But I really wish there were masks for kids too.

My experience with Dettol Air Protect Air Mask

Being allergic to pollen and dust, I find it very difficult to choose a good quality air mask from the market.

Often the newly bought air masks are discarded post usage of 2-3 days mainly because of the poor fitting. Dettol Air Protect mask handles this problem well by giving a very comfortable fit, thanks to the high quality material used.

I loved the zip lock carry bag given to keep the air masks, very ideal for mothers like me.

It is capable of preventing even the small particles of PM 2.5, making it ideal for metros like Mumbai with degrading air quality.

I had been using this from the past 1 week, can’t see the filter getting dirty, might notice the changes after another week or so. But I could really feel the significant difference to my allergic levels – no more burning of eyes and continuous sneezing once I am outside during my daily trips to daughter’s school.

Will I recommend Dettol Air Protect Mask?


Are you worried about the air quality of your place?

Having constant allergies, coughs and sneezes especially during the peak traffic hours?

Dettol Air Protect Mask is a must buy!

If your husband or anyone in your family commutes every day, Dettol Air Protect Mask is an ideal buy.

Where to buy?

Easil available at Dettol website, Amazon India, Flipkart, Snapdeal and many other online stores.

Dettol Air Protect Air Mask
List Price: INR 699.00
Price: INR 398.00
You Save: INR 301.00
Price Disclaimer

My rating:

5 out of 5.

Have you used Dettol Air Protect Air Mask? How did you find it?

Do let me know in comments.

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