Buddsbuddy Nail Care Set Review

At my home, every time my little one’s nails grow, there is a sudden hunt for her special nail cutter. The beauty is that the nail cutter can’t be found out at that point of time – mainly because it might have travelled places after the last usage. This has been happening for the past 4 years until I have acquired this nail care set.

Today I present to you the review of nail set from Buddsbuddy.

First impression:

You might have seen pedicure manicure sets for women, but a nail care set for kids? Are you joking – that was my first impression.

The yellow carry case with the label was the height of cuteness, and trust me more than my daughter, I was quite excited about the whole nail care set.

Packing and Appearance:

nail care set

The nail care set from Buddsbuddy comes in a yellow compact carry case covered with a transaparent plastic label containing all the required basic information. Once you tear this off, you can see the yellow box engraved ‘child’s best friend..! buddsbuddy.com’.

The plastic carry case is quite sturdy.

Once you open the case, you can see 1 nail clipper, 1 nail scissor,1 nail buffer, 1 hand sanitizer, 10 buddsbuddy stickers and 2 nail filers.

Buddsbuddy nail care set is available in chocita red, pink, violet, yellow, and green variants.

Price: Rs.345/-

Company Claims:

“Baby care is complete with the complete grooming of the babies. Taking proper care of baby nails from the beginning helps in growing health nails and results in proper hygiene habits. Budds Buddy is aware of the challenges faced by the parents and caregivers of babies regarding the grooming and nail care.

The products have to be gentle and safe. Our experts have chosen the appropriate products and made a complete Nail Care Kit suitable for toddlers. The products are packed with care in hygienic containers. Products are packed in containers with rounded edges and caps to ensure the protection of children. The designs are friends and the Kit is available in 5 colours.”

How to use?

nail care set

You can start off by using the hand sanitizer followed by nail cutter to cut the nails. Give shape using the filer and scissor. Using the buffer, make sure all the nails are brushed well to get rid of dirt and grime.


  • Useful for grooming baby and kids nails
  • Can be used for both hands and legs of kids
  • Material used is quite sturdy for each component
  • Components like scissors, nail cutter etc are round edged and safeguarded with plastic caps
  • Compact and sturdy
  • Economical
  • Travel friendly and portable
  • Easily available online

Cons: Nothing I could think of.

My experience with Buddsbuddy nail care set:

nail care set

To start with there’s no hunting around for a nail cutter anymore. Secondly all the nail grooming essentials are packed in a compact sturdy and cute box.

My daughter has officially declared it as her own pedicure manicure set. No more hassles of pestering her for cutting of nails from next time as she feels it’s her pampering time.

I can see her cutting her nails on her own – thanks to the round edged nail clipper and scissor. Yes the Buddsbuddy stickers are her favorite from the set.

Since the nail set is compact, I can take it with me even during travelling.

Will I recommend Buddsbuddy nail set?

Definitely yes!

My rating: 5 out of 5

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