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An experience Human Resources professional with over 11 years of experience. Most importantly, I am the mother of 4.5 year old princess and my world revolves around her. I like to read about parenting, kids and short stories and try to imbibe a lot from them in my day to day life. And yes, I love to shop!

Olay Regenerist Revitalising Hydration Skin Cream Review

Presenting to you the review of Olay Regenerist Revitalising Hydration Skin Cream. 
Every woman desires to have a flawless and smooth skin. I am no different. My skin texture is a bit dry and sensitive. Sometimes it becomes patchy due to excessive heat or excessive cold. To avoid this I need to apply moisturizer at least thrice […]

Do You Need a Different Vicks Baby Rub for Kids?

Changing weather brings with it runny and sometimes blocked nose. It brings irritation and uneasiness especially in kids. At times when your baby is fussy or irritable, you want to do everything you can to soothe and comfort. The night (and day) can get rough for mothers of young children when hacking coughs & stuffy nose […]

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion- Moisturisation for Every Age and Every Stage

As I am a mother of a 4 year old princess, I have a habit of double-checking the products that I use on her skin. The pollution in the air also forces me to thoroughly investigate the composition/ ingredients of the product.
Moreover, my daughter’s skin is sensitive to any kind of oil, so her pediatrician always suggested […]

Is Aveeno Gentle Conditioning Baby Shampoo Gentle Enough?

Like all of you, I am also very particular about the products that I use for my daughter. I want the best thing that suits her well and it goes without saying that it should not have any side effects.
Since her birth, I always check the ingredients and the brand of the talc, cream, shampoo, […]