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“Ummm..There are more than 7 products with the same brand name, but with different varieties, so, which one should I choose? I am totally confused about which one to pick up..” This call was from my husband, who went shopping for baby products in the supermarket nearby.

“Choose the one you like and what you think is apt for Anshika’s age, you know, even I don’t have any clue about this”, I answered.

The phone calls happened every now and then for the next 45 minutes for bottles, bibs, lotions, creams and even diapers. I am sure you would have gone through the same phase in your life.

It is said that baby and mom care is a booming sector in India with a CAGR of 13.66%. Everyday hundreds of maternity, mom, baby care products and services are being launched.

How can a parent or a mother choose the best product for her baby from the zillions of options? The very same question gave birth to this blog, Mamma Reviews.

The objective of Mamma Reviews, is to  cater to all such mothers and parents who go through the same dilemma that I went through in the early days of parenting. Here we have tried and will try to include as many product reviews as we can to help you choose the best product for yourself and your baby. With time, we will also be reviewing maternity, mom and baby care products outside India too.

If there is any product/service you would like us to to review or you are a brand who wishes to have genuine feedback of their products, feel free to get in touch at sangeetha@bumpsnbaby.com

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Sangeetha Menon, the Founder & Chief Editor

Sangeetha, the Founder & Chief Editor is passionate about all things online – and this blog ain’t different. She has taken her passion for online shopping and reviews to the next level through this blog Mamma Reviews.

Those of you who know her, would know her love for Bollywood gossip shows.

But did you know that she is also an enthusiastic shopper? Meaning that, while shopping fills her heart with joy while making her purse a lot lighter.

Chitra Santosh, Executive Editor

She calls herself a ‘responsible shopper’! She loves to shop and won’t let a deal pass her by!
The love for shopping coupled with a passion to travel has resulted in her having a treasure trove of products from makeup items to baby products.

While shopping is a hobby, writing is her forte! This mamma to a bubbly 3 year old is the Executive Editor of Mamma Reviews.

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